What if the small successes that you've seen with your hair are just a glimpse into what is possible? That the real magic comes when you INVITE THE PLAY!

When you step out of you comfort zone...

...get out of your own way, and start to realize that YOU have infinitely more impact on your results than your products do.

If you truly want to have the best hair of your life, more definition and less frizz on a consistent basis, you've got to step into your power.

Recognize the impact of your own two hands.

Get off auto pilot and plug-in.

Get outside of your comfort zone, ditch your daily routine, and stop applying all of your products in the same exact way, every single friggin' day.

What if...the motions of your hands and the actual feeling of your hair in-between your fingers, were the literal guide you have been waiting for?

What if you have had the power all along, but no one ever showed you how to use it?

No one...until now.

What if the small successes that you've seen with your hair are just a glimpse into what is possible? That the real magic comes when you INVITE THE PLAY!

Step out of you comfort zone...

... get out of your own way and start to realize that YOU have infinitely more impact on your results than your products do.

If you truly want to have the best hair of your life, more definition and less frizz on a consistent basis, you've got to get out of your own way.

Recognize the power of your own two hands.

Get off auto pilot and plug in.

Step out of your comfort zone, ditch your daily routine, and stop applying all of your products in the same exact way.

What if...the motions of your hands a the actually feeling of your hair in-between your fingers were the literal guide you have been waiting for?

What if you have had the power all along, but no one ever showed you how to use it?

No one...until now.


  • Have your hair be the best part of your day

  • Get more consistent results, for the long haul

  • Ditch the product graveyard hiding in your bathroom

  • Love your hair style, regardless of the product you are using

  • Have less frizz and more definition in just 30 days

The 30-Day Process over Products Challenge is designed to help you get off of autopilot, ditch product dependency, and step into your power when it comes to your hair. Inside, we will deep dive into thirty curly hair styling strategies, showing you what they look like, ideas for when to use them, and how to incorporate them into routines for all curly hair types!

You can register now for $33!

You'll receive exclusive access to the live challenge, support for thirty three days, and have the ability to catch up or come back to this content any time, for life!

Give me thirty days.

You give me 30 days, and I'll show you the best hair of your life.
That is the promise.

I am going to spend the next five weeks teaching you how to fall in love the hair that you were born with.

> > Like, ALL THE WAY fall in love. < <

The reach for the stars, over the fences, world series kinda love!

The Four Essential Steps to the 30-Day Challenge:

1) Invest in Yourself

When you hop into the 30-Day Process Over Products Challenge, you are committing to ditching product dependency and step into your power. You'll get tons of guidance, five full weeks of support, and be well on your way to hair that your love by the end of the month!

2) Choose your products.
For the five weeks of this challenge I am going to challenge you to choose five products, any five products, and commit to using them and only them for the entire month. Wait until you see how different you can make your results, how healthy you can make your hair, when you shift your mindset to the process and use the same exact products for a full month.

Don't worry, I'll help you select the right five products for you after you register!

3) Step into a new mindset
By registering for this challenge you are agreeing to forget every single thing you thought you know about your hair and how to style it. Instead, you are committing to completely switching up your routine, playing with new styling strategies, and discovering how much power you actually have on your results! Get ready to have your mind blown!!

4) Play with the process.
Tracking your progress is the key to success in this challenge. Run allllll the experiments, don't worry, I'll be right there guiding you. All you have to do is promise to play with your secret super power (i.e. your hands), take all the photos, and share them inside of our Curly Connections Community.

I promise you'll have the best results of your life by Thanksgiving if you do these three things!

Mackenzie Derouen

Day 13? Wow y’all! Like wow, wow ,wow!

I have been slowly making progress in this challenge, but today it is like every sing thing clicked. I took a good 30 minutes today just loving on my hair using the strategies outlines in the first two weeks of the challenge, and wow! Seriously that’s all I can say!

I’m finding that I love raking to get my hair soaked, roping to encourage clumps and then pulsing is the biz for my wavy curly whatever. I also remembers that gel helps seal all the moisture and conditioner in I actually used quite a bit more today than normal because it’s pretty cool outside today and SUPER windy so I wanted my hair to have some protection!

After about 30 m of being outside I got a glimpse of my hair and was shocked! I never even scrunched out the crunch today! The wind did all the work for me! I’m just still in shock! Y’all have seen that I’ve had a few good curls here and there, but never this!

Jordan Burnes

My name is Jordan, I live in Southern Arizona and I joined this fabulous community last October.

This curly journey started out in a pursuit to help my daughter with her curly hair and have less tears during bath time. Three months ago I did the Process Over Products challenge, and not only did I discover the best hair of my life, but this challenge and the community, without knowing it, helped me through one of the most difficult months of my life while giving me support, love and something positive to focus on.

I just want to stop by and say thank you to every single one of you for making this a once in a lifetime experience!

  • Personal support choosing your five products for the challenge

  • Deep dives into over 30 different curly hair styling strategies

  • Video demonstrations and visual progression photos

  • Ideas for how to incorporate each strategy into your routine

  • Recommended strategies and methods for all hair types

Here's how I do it:

I divide the curly hair routine into three simple steps. Saturation, Styling, and Drying.

That's it.

I keep this ish super simple.

In each of the three steps, there are certain motions you make with your hands, many that you are already doing but not yet aware of, that have huge impact on your results.

Combining those hand motions into intentional sequences is your untapped super power.

Step #1: Saturation

In our discussion about saturation you can expect to learn more about, and experiment with massaging, thumbing, raking, scrunching, gravity, cleansing, conditioning, double conditioning, deep conditioning, squish to condish, rake-scrunch-rope, and cold blasting, and how to use these strategies to clean and hydrate your hair thoroughly bring more flexibility and strength than ever before!

Step #2: Styling

As we shift into styling, you will learn more about how to incorporate motions such as bear clawing, finger coiling, gliding, scrunching, pulsing, smashing, prayer hands, shingling, and deep dive into the difference between encouraging and elongating strategies, and use these strategies to create the style you've always dreamed of!

Step #2: Drying

In the final drying step, we will discuss plopping, micro-plopping, towel twisting, curl clipping, air drying, flipping, casting, and fluffing in a series of steps that are highly under rated, and under discussed int he curly hair world. Without a solid strategy for drying your hair, all of the work done in saturation and style can be completely undone.

When does the challenge start?
Access to our exclusive Facebook Group will be granted and kicked off with a launch party on Friday, October 20th! That video will include every single thing you need to know in preparation of the first day of the challenge on Monday the 23rd and gives us the weekend to get to know each other better!

When you say five products does that includes shampoo, conditioner, gel, foam, leave-in, etc. What about clarifiers?
The five products include everything. Most challengers choose a cleanser, conditioner, two stylers, and then either a clarifier or something else they can't live without.

The idea is to prove how much power there is in the process, so we run a hundred experiments using the same products, and get all different kinds of results!

What kind of daily time commitment would this program require, both in. Terms of the info you share and how long the homeworks would take?

There will be daily posts for you to read, with some sort of media attached. A short video, or series of progression photos, or something like that. I wouldn't expect them to take longer than 5-10 minutes to review. On top of that, I find that the women who have the most success spend one conscious hour, or two conscious half hours, experimenting with new strategies, tracking their process, and sharing their results.

That adds up to about two hours per week!

I am super busy right now, but want to sign up. What should I do?

If you are feeling called to this challenge, I suggest you hop in. I don't expect to run it again until sometimes late next year, and you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to all of this year's content. You can come back and catch up at any time.

Is the challenge content live?

While the content is delivered day-by-day in our exclusive Facebook group, all of the posts and videos for this 33 day challenge have been prewritten and recorded. Every year I go through the content and you better believe I make it better and better every single time. This year, over half of the content has been reformulated with higher video quality, close up shots, progression photos, and ridiculously detailed captions.

This is the most organized I have better been, and it will show. Every single thing you need to know about these strategies is in the post.

Would this be good for beginners then? I feel like I jumped into products with only kind of knowing some technique.
the challenge is PERFECT for beginners. Especially if you want to start seeing results without having to get all new product!

How do you factor in hair porosity?

That is a GREAT question. We are going to go through 33 different styling strategies, one-by-one, and talk about all the different ways they can be done, times they can be used, and goals they can help to achieve.

So for example, scrunching. It's both a hydration encouraging and curl encouraging motion. All porosities can benefit from scrunching, it just depends on when you use it. But also, there are all types of scrunches. Pulsing, smashing, cupping. They all serve different purposes.

We will dive into it ALL. Then, you get inspired. You experiment. You play. You take the photos. Track the journey, and find the combination that work for YOU.

What is the Refund Policy?

The promise is that you will have the best results of your life by Thanksgiving, and I mean it. if you are an active member of this challenge and don't see results, you will receive a refund no questions asked.

Jackie Sobo

The photos above are from the first day and last day of challenge, respectively. I have learned so much during this last 30 days!

For example, that I was wetting my hair but it was not even close to WET. Or that I don’t need dozens of styling products to get results. I learned that seeking perfect hair is just ridiculous.

But more than anything, I learned that healthy hair is the biggest part of actually LOVING my hair for the first time in 44 years!

I can not thank you enough Logan Spring ! You are so freaking amazing!! I can not even express in words how grateful I am!!!

Jen Sabattis

Today vs first day of the challenge!

I went into this skeptical about the process. Washing my hair upside down?? Using water?? Bowl method?? And came out of it with some really useful tools and even better, more of an understanding of my own hair.

Thank you Logan Spring for starting this group and all of your guidance. This is such a positive, supportive, helpful community!! I am so thankful .

Leslie Everett

This month has flown by! I've learned so much...and still so much to try.

Here is my first day and today, and what I think was my best day this month that I took a pic of. I was rushed today to get to a walk and didn't let it dry fully and then hiked and it's a mess...but tomorrow will be an easy fix 😉 I am so thankful for this challenge to learn more about my hair.

I learned that wash days are not my best days (today)....but I really only need washing about once a week. I learned my hair likes it when I PULSE the products in and then PULSE some more and then leave it alone! I learned it's ok for my hair to not be perfect and to not compare my hair to others in this group.

You all have AMAZING hair and it's hard to not compare but I learned to compare my hair to my yesterday's hair.

To feel and know what my hair needs, which isn't the same as what someone else's hair needs. It's been fun!

I said it before in a post, but I have just LOVED seeing all the posts and positive comments in this group. What an amazing and supportive group of women and an amazing leader who sets the tone for this!

Roseann Shirley

I need to let you know just how much this 30 day challenge has helped me!

My "good" hair days used to happen by accident. Fast forward to the present, and I am blown away by the difference in my hair! Not only that, but now I know how to make it look that way!!! My husband actually asked me if I have been curling my hair, that's how much different it looks.

I have learned how to get water into my hair by raking and pulsing. Tilting my head in the shower makes my knots fall right out too! Forming curl clumps while adding conditioner smooths put my frizz. Mousse throughout works for a sealer. Adding gel on top last with prayer hands and one pulse keeps frizz at bay. Clipping my roots adds volume. And medusa clipping at night preserves my hair for the next day.

Thank you, Logan, and thank you to this entire group for sharing all of your tips and even your fails! After 50 years, I am finally enjoying my curly hair!

Stephanie Shoemaker

I learned a lot through this challenge.

You can lather on as many products as you want and you can still have dry hair. The key to hair and keeping it looking shiny and beautiful is hydration through water. Simple as that right?

Adding hydration into cleansed hair through water. There's wet hair and then there's soaking hydrated wet hair and they look and feel totally different.

Want to know something else that's kind of crazy? I don't brush my hair anymore 😳😳😳. Yep I threw out my brush! I use my fingers to detangle my hair. It's crazy I know but it actually works.

I've gained a sense of community in this group, I've gained friends and a sense of belonging, I've gained more self-love, realization that I am worth more than what I think. Granted this group didn't teach me that but lately it is what I needed as a confidence booster.

I'm grateful for this challenge and I'm so in love with my hair. I love the founder of this group and everything she stands for. She is earth-conscious and a minimalist 😍.

Thank you Consciously Curly & Logan Spring!

Isa Elson

This has been an incredible and amazing experience. Thank you Logan Spring so much for all that you have given us!

It is obvious that you entire heart and soul is invested in this challenge! I love your sincerity and transparency in all that you've shared with us.

My hair will never be the same and I thank you for this shift in focus now. You have truly been a blessing. I am grateful to have had this opportunity and this supportive community